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Experience a whole new Galaxy

After joining the server (connect using the IP: you'll find that you're the last one aboard a star cruiser under attack!
Luckily, the last shuttle has yet to leave. Escaping just in time, you make it safely to a space station in the Sobrii star system.
You get your very own space shuttle from the ship dealer merchant. Then, you start your new life in Andromeda Sector 7b!



Players build spaceships, ranging from tiny star fighters to heavy cargo freighters and massive cruisers, traversing their planets and exploring the galaxy.


Star Legacy features futuristic PvP gear and weaponry that'll make you feel like you're in Star Wars. Players can also fight each other with starships, firing cannons and maneuvering with their crew helping.


A majestic but dangerous expanse, the galaxy is filled with stars, planets, asteroids, and space stations. The server takes place in Andromeda Sector 7b. Explore four star systems and over a dozen beautiful planets!


Each planet has their own resources, fauna, and inhabitants. Some planets are peaceful; others are scarred by war and political turmoil. Decide which planets you want to explore, live in, and bend to your will.


Nations can lay siege to enemy space stations with their fleets; if they win, they capture the space station and earn money.


Players join together to make settlements, huge chunks of land on planets. Settlements can join to form nations, interstellar alliances that organize funds, resources, and fleets to protect their territory, besiege space stations, wage wars, and advance across the galaxy.


While everyone can collect their own resources and build their own starships, many dedicated player-run corporations mass produce gear, weaponry, and even entire starships in their factories and sell them to other players at competitive prices.


Star Legacy brings sci-fi tech to Minecraft. Players collect energy, store it in batteries, and use it to power machines and charge gear and weapons. Machines allow engineers to automate their base and build factories producing gear and entire starships!


On the creative server, shipbuilders, architects, and engineers design their buildings and spaceships in peace.Players claim plots where they can free-build working spaceships and machines.

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