Staff can punish players at their discretion. If you feel that a staff member was unjust, or you want a second chance, contact another staff member or post in the “Appeal” section. Please do not “lawyer” rules. (By that, we mean getting excessively technical with, or debating the exact meaning with staff.)

Staff will only refund if you’ve lost a ship or inventory due to a restart/crash/glitch, due to other players’ illegal actions, or some similar abnormal circumstance. Like most servers, we will NOT refund any items lost to death.

All rules apply for both Discord and In-game.
Please use your common sense.
DO NOT tag
STAFF roles unless there is an emergency

Do not tag the the owner. Period.

If you feel that someone has broken the rules, please report them to a Mod either on the server or through Discord.

1. Respect all players.

All players have the right to be interacted with in a friendly, respectful manner.

Why do we have this rule?

We want our server to be a safe, fun place where players can communicate without the toxicity. Our chat is a good way to talk to other players, make friends and have fun while flying through space. Too much disrespect tends to pollute the environment of the chat and results in a bad atmosphere, which hurts everyone.

What do we mean by respecting players?

We mean that you can’t be excessively rude, toxic, or disrespectful to other players. While we understand that it’s partly a PVP server, we ask that you be civil.


2. No cheating or exploiting

Cheating/exploiting in any way is not allowed. Avoid abusing unbalanced/glitched things, instead report them to staff.

Why do we have this rule?

Cheating/exploiting gives unfair advantages. Unfair advantages result in unfair gains and advancement ahead of other players. Since this is a multiplayer server, that affects the server as a whole. Sometimes, it can even result in much worse things, like a broken economy.

What is cheating and exploiting?

An unfair advantage is something mod/bug that allows you to progress quicker, gain more, win over, or otherwise gain an advantage over legitimate players.

Cheating is using unfair advantages such as hacked clients, or abusing things such as suicide for unfair gameplay.

Exploiting is taking advantage of bugs, glitches, or unbalanced features on the server.


Found an exploit/bug?

Report it here on our issue tracker.

Allowed Mods

In general, mods that don’t give unfair advantages are allowed.

3. No inappropriate words or creations

Swearing is not allowed, vulgar builds are not allowed, inappropriate references are not allowed, hints at vulgarity are not allowed, etc.

Why do we have this rule?

Players of all age groups are allowed on Star Legacy. In order to keep the server family friendly, we do not allow any inappropriate content.

What is considered inappropriate?

Essentially, anything that parents wouldn’t want their kids seeing or hearing is inappropriate. Mostly this goes by common American standards. The severity of punishment may vary by how inappropriate it is. In the end, everyone knows whether or not something is appropriate. It is recommended to stay away from what could be considered a gray area.

This can apply to anything, including chat, builds, names, and skins.

What if I get really mad?

Try these (“You kriffing nerfherder, you broke the area shields!”)

4. No griefing claimed land

Griefing/stealing in claimed land is not allowed.

Why do we have this rule?

It should be noted that this is not a Factions server. As demonstrated by the thousands of Factions servers out there, stealing in claimed land results in a toxic, distrustful environment. We have this rule to encourage teamwork and large nations.

What counts as griefing and stealing in claimed land?

Griefing in claimed land is causing permanent damage to claims. As explosions regenerate here, blowing things up in claimed land is not griefing.

Stealing in claimed land is taking ships, items, etc. from claimed land, without owning them. We recommend placing signs in your settlements letting members know what they can and cannot access to make it easier for staff to be sure of ownership. If it is not possible to be certain, staff do not get involved.


Have Fun

Remember, this is a game, and the purpose of a game is to play and have fun. Try to keep things enjoyable for everyone!