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We appreciate help with the wiki! Follow this guide to start making meaningful contributions to the Star Legacy wiki!

Getting Started

  • First head over to the project page.

  • Next, select this button on the upper right to get your own mirror/fork of the repository. fork

  • After getting your fork, you need to clone it to your local machine to edit.

For more in depth information check out this guide

  • Once cloned locally, you're ready to make changes using any one of the many editors for Markdown.

Be sure to keep your repository current with the master. Info here or if using GitHub Desktop here.


The wiki uses Markdown.

Markdown is very easy to use as it just uses simple symbols to format text. For example: markdowntable

This graphic comes straight from their website. For a quick tutorial on using it, see here!

Making Contributions

  • Try to keep your changes minimal.
    • Don't make a bunch of changes to a bunch of pages all at once.
  • Make targetted, related changes.
  • Keep formatting clean, clear, and concise.
    • Keep individual lines short and sweet.
  • If you're adding new things, don't add anything else in that contribution.
  • Add relevant images where helpful.
  • You can use branches on your repository to split changes up.