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Blasters are the pinnacle of modern infantry weaponry. They come in four variants - blaster pistols, rifles, snipers, and cannons.

Blaster recipes require titanium, Size A batteries, and a glass pane.

Blaster Pistols

Blaster Pistols

Blaster Pistols are cheap to make and cost little power, plus they have the most rapid rate of fire. However they do not do much damage.

Speed 0.2

Range 40 blocks

Cooldown 1/4 second

Max Power 2500 Power

Per Shot 10

Damage 6

Blaster Rifles

Blaster Rifle

Blaster Rifles are your well-rounded standard weapon. They do good damage and they have a fair rate of fire. By far, the best for straight up PVP.

Speed 0.25

Range 75 blocks

Cooldown 1/2 second

Max Power 7500 Power

Per Shot 15

Damage 15

Blaster Snipers

Blaster Sniper

Blaster snipers are useful for shooting people at long distances. They do enough damage to one-shot someone who has no armor. Their drawback is that they have a very slow chargeup.

Speed 0.375

Range 256 blocks

Cooldown 1 second

Max Power 20000 Power

Per Shot 100

Damage 20

Blaster Cannons


Blaster cannons were heavy, expensive weapons which create explosions on impact. They have a fairly slow chargeup for do very good damage. They cost a whopping 50 power per shot, so they are quite expensive to use.

Speed 0.4

Range 300 blocks

Cooldown 1/2 second

Max Power 25000 Power

Per Shot 50

Damage 20

Explosion Power 4.0