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Power gear

Unbreakable gear that uses power instead of durability.

Power Tools

Power Drill

Recipe: 1x iron ingot, 2x titanium, 1x size m battery, 1x stick


  • Useful for terraforming and light mining,
  • They use 10 power per block.
  • With a maximum power of 50,000.

Power Chainsaw

Recipe: 1x aluminum, 2x iron ingot, 2x titanium, 1x size m battery, 1x stick


  • Cut down up to 100 blocks of a tree at once.
  • They use 1,000 power for every cut.
  • With a maximum power of 100,000.

Power Armor

Detailed Video Tutorial here

  • A full set of power armor reduces all incoming damage by 50%.
  • Each time you get hit, it uses up 100 power.
  • Each piece holds a max 50,000 power.
  • You can dye power armor just like any regular leather armor


The recipes require titanium and Size G batteries.









Power Armor Modules

Power Armor can have modules attached to them, enhancing them with special abilities.

  • To attach a module to a power armor piece, craft it with the piece in a crafting table.
  • A piece of power armor can only have one module.

Power Module Recipe


4x aluminum ingot, 4x glass pane, and 1x special item, depending on the module.

Environment Module

  • Attaches to helmet.
  • Allows survival outdoors on very hot and cold planet (including radioactive planets like Titus).
    • Does NOT allow survival in the void of space!


Special Item: Chainmail/Space Helmet

Night Vision Module

  • Attaches to helmet.
  • Gives night vision while active and does not use power.
  • Although they require more than 0 power to be active.


Special Item: Spider Eye

Shock Absorbing Module

  • Attaches to chestplate.
  • Gives the ability to absorb all explosion damage.
  • Does not include ship explosions.


Special Item: Titanium Ingot

Speed Boosting Module

  • Attaches to leggings.
  • Allows for faster movement.
  • They use power when you move.


Special Item: Feather

Rocket Boosting Module

  • Attaches to boots
  • They allow flight while holding shift.
  • They use up power fast.


Special Item: Firework