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Base Shields

Base shields are machines that project a spherical shield to protect bases.

  • While active, they generate a sphere of stained glass that regenerates when destroyed.
  • They use up a small amount of power when activated, using more power when regenerating.
  • With concentrated heavy repeated fire, it is possible to penetrate a base shield.
  • However this is generally difficult and requires heavy firepower.
    • Multiple layers of base shields can help against this.

Activating a base shield:

  • Place prismarine crystals in both slots of the furnace.
  • Ensure that the shield sign is charged and has power(recieves power through noteblock).
  • Right click the sign to set it to "enabled." This should generate a large bubble of stained glass.
  • When the power runs out, or disabled with another right click, the glass will disappear shortly.


The sign for the base shields is [baseshield].


Radius: 25

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 1x gold block
  • 1x iron block
  • 1x stone brick slab
  • 1x furnace
  • 1x glass pane
  • 2x sponge
  • 8x stone brick stairs
  • 9x stone brick

shield1front shield1rear


Radius: 50

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 1x furnace
  • 2x sponge
  • 2x step
  • 2x hopper
  • 3x diamond block
  • 4x stained glass pane
  • 11x stone brick
  • 11x stone brick stairs

shield2front shield2rear


Radius: 100

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 1x furnace
  • 1x iron block
  • 2x hoppers
  • 3x stone brick slab
  • 3x emerald block
  • 4x sponge
  • 5x stained glass pane
  • 16x stone bricks
  • 16x stone brick stairs

shield3front shield3rear