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Turrets are multiblock structures useful for larger ships and base defense platforms.

Using Turrets

  • With a controller in hand, right click the turret sign.
  • Once inside, simply looking around rotates and aims the turret.
  • Left click with the controller to fire!
  • To exit, just right click.

Creating A Turret Sign

  • Must be directly below (or above) the center of the sponge blocks under the turret.
  • 2 blocks below (or above)
  • The first line must say [turret].
  • The second line needs the axis (e.g. "top" or "bottom").

Example of a top turret: turretsigntop

Example of a bottom turret: turretsignbottom

Light Turret

  • Good for small or medium ships.
  • Precise anti-player shots.
  • Fires one projectile exactly where the player is looking.



Light Turret Multiblock

Materials required:

  • 1x sponge,
  • 1x concrete,
  • 3x terracotta,
  • 7x stairs,
  • 1x iron block,
  • 2x glass,
  • 2x stained glass

Expanded view below for reference



Heavy Turret

  • Good for medium to large ships
  • Anti-ship, heavy defense.
  • Larger and slightly more expensive, but pack twice the firepower.
  • However, they are less accurate.



Heavy Turret Multiblock

Materials required:

  • 4x sponge
  • 8x concrete
  • 13x stairs
  • 3x terracotta
  • 1x iron block
  • 2x glass
  • 4x stained glass

Expanded view below for reference