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Power Machines

On this page, you will learn how to create and store power, and how you can use it.

  • Wires will be mentioned, but clearly explained here.

Power Machine Tiers

  • Tier 1: Iron Block
  • Tier 2: Gold Block
  • Tier 3: Diamond Block

These tier blocks are used in the power machines instead of the iron blocks seen in the pictures.

You CANNOT mix different Tier blocks together, this will make the machine not function. (e.g. 1 iron block and 1 diamond block in a generator)

Tier blocks do not work in other machines unless specified. (eg. Diamond blocks instead of iron in printer)

Power Furnaces

Generators and Chargers require a furnace. In the top slot of the furnace, you MUST place a focusing lens (prismarine crystal). This allows the machine to operate.

(Note, the crystals cannot be shift clicked into the slot)

In the bottom slot, you place either fuel or the charging item. For example

  • Generators: Place fuel in the bottom slot and a prismarine crystal in the top slot.
  • Chargers: Place the power armor or weapon you wish to charge in the bottom slot and the prismarine crystal in the top slot.

Power Generators

Generator will burn fuels and gasses and in return create energy.

Energy output is from the crafting tables. Connect crafting tables to other machines via sponges and wires.

To use a generator, you put the fuel in the fuel slot, and a focusing lens (prismarine crystals) in the smelting slot.

Generator Tier Capacities

See above for more information about tiers

  • Tier 1 Generator: 100k power
  • Tier 2 Generator: 175k power
  • Tier 3 Generator: 250k power

Generator Fuels

Coal Block4000300
Redstone Dust75075
Redstone Block6500350
Hydrogen Gas300200
Oxygen Gas100150
Nitrogen Gas250100


Materials Required: 1x note block, 2x crafting table, 4x stained glass pane, 1x furnace, 2x redstone block, 2x tier block (iron, gold, or diamond), 1x sign.




Chargers are necessary for charging items such as batteries, blasters, power gear, and more!

To use a charger, you put the focusing lens in the smelting slot and the item to charge in the fuel slot. When it's done smelting it, it will go in the smelted-item slot.

Chargers accept power through their noteblock, and must receive it through wires from a generator or powerbank.

Charger Capacities for Tiers

  • Tier 1 Charger: 100k
  • Tier 2 Charger: 200k
  • Tier 3 Charger: 300k


Materials Required: 1x note block, 8x stained glass pane, 1x furnace, 2x tier block, 1x sign

chargerfront chargerrear


The power furnace operates exactly like a regular furnace, the only difference is that it uses power rather than a burnable fuel.

Using wires, input the power into the noteblock of the power furnace.

To use a power furnace, place 1 focusing crystal in the fuel slot and the item that needs smelting into the smelting slot.


Materials Required: 1x Sign, 1x Note Block, 1x Furnace, 2x Glass Blocks, 4x Glass Panes, 4x Iron Blocks

furnacefront furnacerear

For automation, the glass used in the multiblock behind the furnace and note block can be used as input. The top of the furnace can be used as an output using a crafting table like so.


Power Bank

Power banks store large amounts of power.

  • To store power: Use wires to connect the note block of the power bank with the power source.

The power source can be a generator or solar panels, a power cell, or another power bank.

  • To extract energy: Again using wires, take the energy output from either (or both) crafting table.


Materials require: 11x stained glass, 8x stained glass pane, 3x redstone block, 2x crafting table, 2x tier block, 1x noteblock, 1x sign

powerbankfront powerbankrear


Power cells are a useful buffer for power grids. They can hold up to 50,000 energy and can output 2k per second if wired correctly.


Materials: 1 redstone block, 1 note block, 2 glass panes, 1 sign


To wire correctly:

Power input is into the redstone block behind the note block.

To wire the output:

  • Place two crafting tables above and below note block with end-rods leaving both in the direction of the sign.
  • Add two sponges, one on the end of each wire
  • Place an iron block in-between those two sponges

like seen below:


The iron block is the output from PowerCell