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Pipes are useful tools that allow you to efficiently and neatly transport and organize items. You can use pipes for managing factories and furnace systems and for unloading/loading material onto ships.


To export items using pipes, you need a hopper and an exporting inventory, and a glass pipe system. You can point the hopper into a glass pipe, and items attempting to enter the hopper via the inventory block above it will instead stay in the inventory block and attempt to go through the pipe system.

Example: 96f7801bdb90020deda80864773a0431.png

If items go in the chest on the top left of the image, then they will come out in the chest on the bottom right.

Glass Pipes Glass pipes are used to make long and potentially complicated systems. Glass pipes attempt to put items into inventory blocks next to them if available and also move onto connected pipes. If there are two possible directions for them to go, they pick randomly, which generally ends up in evenly spreading out the items.


20dd42f3740c41c9f16afd40facce239.png Stained Glass Pipes If you use stained glass pipes, then the pipes don't mix with stained glass pipes of other colors even if they are touching.

Containers Containers store items. Examples of containers are Chests, Trapped chests, Droppers, Dispensers, Hoppers. Hoppers DO NOT work as extractors so they cannot be use to take items out of other storage containers and place them into pipes. Ender chests are also incapable of being used with pipes or extractors.

Extractor The only extractor on Star Legacy is the crafting table, which looks like this:

2018-09-09 15.56.48.png

The extractor takes items out of storage containers and into pipes.

Pipes Pipes can be in the form of a glass pain line or full glass block line. Different colored glass pains and full blocks when used in as pipes when touching they will not mix. For example if you have a green line on one side and a red line on the other side and they are touching with no blocks in-between the items going through red will not interfere and will not go into the line of green.

Set up To set up a pipe system you need a crafting table, glass (regular/stained) or glass pains (regular/stained), and two separate containers. This is an example of a correctly made pipe system:

2018-09-09 15.58.22.png

In the set up above, an output chest is connected to two input chests, making it so when an item goes in the output chest, it travels into one of the input chests. This is an example of the same system except using glass pains instead of full glass blocks:

2018-09-09 16.00.19.png

Sorting System Using all this information we can create an automatic, fast, no red-stone, sorting system.

To make a sorting system you will need the following items: -Hopper -Glass Pain (3 different colors) -Chest & Trapped chest -Crafting Table -Item to be sorted -Item for FILLER

To begin construction plan out the area you will want first before following these steps. You will want to plan after looking through the pictures and steps of how to make your sorting system below.

Place down a chest and a crafting table next to it. Connect and make a pipeline to the crafting table. Make a second pipeline one block away from the first, so they aren't touching. Make a row of hoppers between the two pipelines, facing the second. Place down a row of alternating chests and trapped chests on the other side of the second pipeline. This should look something like this:

2018-09-09 16.02.23.png

NOTE: They can be any colors you wish, as long as they are different from each other. The hoppers are used for the actual sorting. You need to place the items you want in the corresponding chest in the hopper, and then use a filler item(an item to fill empty slots) in the rest of the slots to prevent random items appearing in the chest. Remember that a single hopper can only hold 5 items. Example:

2018-09-09 17.01.16.png

The Snowballs are the filler item, and the brick, wheat, and sugar cane count as the sorting items.

NOTE: The filler in the system has to be an item that would NEVER flow through your system. To make sure it doesn't name the item using an anvil.