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Console commands are a way for you to do many things in-game such as find exactly where another player is, check detailed information about your starship, and even build much faster in creative mode on the creative server.

In order to use a console command, first open chat in-game by pressing " T " on your keyboard if your controls are default, then type in the command you would like to use, and finally press " Enter ". Commands always start with " / " if you do not include this than your command will fail and everyone in chat will be able to see what command you were trying to do, which is bad if they see you were trying to /getpos a player, or even check your money with /money which might tell them that you're a good target for a pirate.

The first command I have to show you isn't really a command, but a very fast way of doing a command again. So lets say you want to do the /getpos command to see where a player is, but since the player is moving around you want to do /getpos again to see where they moved to (this is a very common situation). Instead of typing /getpos (player name) over and over again. Type it once, and when you want to do that command again, open chat with " T " and then press the up arrow key to look through previous commands you used, you can also use the down arrow key to go back, when you found the command, press " Enter ". This means all you have to do is press 3 keys on the keyboard to redo a command you just used instead of typing the entire thing again.

Contents 1 Commands 2 Commands for talking 3 Commands for settlements and nations 4 Commands for the creative server Commands The very thing you should do, as soon as you spawn in the ecostation, is use the kits that you can which gives you free stuff.

/kit starter

The above command will give you a starter kit of food, tools, a ship controller, a space suit, basically everything you need to start playing star legacy!

/kit cryo

This very important command will give you stained glass, wool, sign, door, everything you need to make a cryopod. You should use this command once you are safe on a planet so you can make a cryopod. Your cryopod will become your new spawn point on a planet, which means you don't have to keep restarting at the ecostation and buying ships and flying to your planet.

/kit tools

This command gives you a stone pick, stone axe, stone sword, and stone shovel. Its very useful when you are low on money and cant buy a spaceship at the ecostation because you can use the pick to mine asteroids and sell it to the trader for money.

/kit beef

This command gives you a stack of cooked beef. Yumm.

/kit space

This command gives you space boots, space leggings, space chestplate, and a space helmet. You need to wear all 4 of these while you are in space or you will die !

/kit controller

This command gives you a "clock", a ship controller to control your ship. WARNING: This will cost you 100 credits.

/kit pvp

This command gives you power boots, power leggings, power chestplate, and a power helmet. It also gives you a rocket boost module you can add to your power boots by crafting them together, the rocket boost module lets you fly around when you jump into the air and hold shift while still in the air. You also get a couple of guns. WARNING: This very expensive kit will cost you 1000 credits, so do not heavily rely upon it, get used to making your own power armor as it will be much cheaper for you in the long run.


tells you how much points you have, so that you know how close you are to ranking up.


use this command to "level up", which will grant you access to larger and more powerful spaceships whether you're buying them from the ecostation or building them yourself. You'll need a certain amount of points to rankup, and each time you rankup you'll need to collect more points than before.

/points (player name)

tells you how many points that player has, don't include the "( )" braces, just the name of the player you want to check. The amount of points a player has will give you a rough guess as to how powerful they are, if they have 0 points they may be a refugee that just started playing the game, if they have thousands and thousands of points they may be a very powerful player that you should be very careful about getting into a confrontation with.

/getpos (player name)

This command is extremely important, it tells you the exact coordinates of the players name you put, it can be the difference between life and death for you and your enemies. If you never use this command the game will be much much more difficult, so get used to it quickly!

/near (player name)

This command is similar to /getpos, but it gives you a list of players nearby that player.


Notice this one you don't have to type a name into, this shorter command will tell you what players are near you.


shows you a list of all your starships and exactly where they are and on what planet, very helpful in case you forgot where you parked your starfighter.


not to be confused with /starships, this command tells you detailed information about the ship you are currently piloting


when you get to a planet and find a territory on that planet that isn't owned by a nation, you can use this command to claim land around you so that people cannot steal your things or grief you. You can later set exactly how big your claim is with a golden shovel.


Notice that this command is /removeclaim and not /remove claim. This will undo the claim you did with the /claim command. See above.


This command will give you a link you can go to, to get here, on the wiki.


This command will give you a link you can go to, to look at the map and see where other people or you are. Remember that there is the space map and also a map for each planet you can go to. You can go to these planet maps by clicking the little green and blue square button on the side.


When you are piloting your starship, you can use this command instead of the cruise sign, to activate your cruise control. If you are already cruising and would like to stop, simply use this command again.


When you are riding on your friends starship and want to leave the starcraft, you can use this command instead of waiting for your friend to stop piloting.


This command will make you stop piloting the starship you are currently piloting.

/advance (name of advancement)

This is a very important command, as it allows you to upgrade with points to unlock things like item chargers, base shields, and more powerful hyperdrives. You might have to be a certain rank to unlock an advancement. To see a list of advancements to choose from type /advance, add a space, and then press the " Tab " key on your keyboard. Like this.. /advance [Tab] and it will show you what you can advance.

/settarget turret (player name)

When you have a larger ship and have turrets on your ship, you can use this command to have your turrets automatically aim and shoot at the person you set this command to target. You have to build your turrets to be auto turrets though, normal turrets don't do this, you'll have to convert them to auto turrets first.

/nick (player name)

This command will give you a list of names, nicknames, or other aliases a player goes or has gone by. Try it out.

Commands for talking Stay Legacy is a huge game with a lot of different players, settlements, and nations. You'll probably want to make some friends and talk to them secretly so your enemies don't know what you're doing, below are some commands to help with that.


sets to local chat, now anything you type into chat only people on the same planet will be able to see, it will stay this way until you use /g command. You can also use this when you're on the creative server to only talk to people that are on the creative server.


sets to general chat, do this and talk in chat for everyone to see what you said, no matter where they are in the galaxy.


sets to settlement chat, only people in the same settlement as you can see what you say after you use this command.


sets to nation chat, only people in the same nation as you (which means all the settlements that nation is composed of) will see what you say after this command.

/pm (player name)

sends a private message to a player, only you and that player will see messages sent this way, don't use this too much, after sending hundreds of messages back and forth its easy to slip up and accidentally say it to the whole world by forgetting to include the " / ". Type the message you want to send to the player after (player). So " /pm raimus hi raimus how are you doing " would send the player raimus a message only the two of you could see that said "hi raimus how are you doing".

/mail send

you can send messages to a player even if they're not online or they're in the creative server. Just like with /pm (player) you should put the message you're mailing after (player).

/mail read

check your mail, all the messages people sent you while you were offline will be displayed, you can look through them all even if you got lots of them by opening chat with " T ", and pressing the "page up" or "page down" keys on your keyboard.

/mail clear

clears your mail, this is permanent, so make sure to read your mail first!

Commands for settlements and nations /s create (name)

this will create a settlement. The (name) will be the name of the settlement.

/n claim

If you're the leader of your nation, or your leader has given you permission to claim lands for the nation, you can use this command to add a piece of land on a planet to your nation, protecting it from griefers and pirates. Warning: This command will cost you a lot of money, so make sure you are ready to spend some if you want to use this.

/s list

Use this command to get a detailed list of settlements.

/n list

Use this command to get a detailed list of nations.

Commands for the creative server /server creative

Use this command to go to the creative server.

/server starlegacy

Use this command to leave creative mode and go to the main survival server.


When you go to the creative server, usually you will be in survival mode, to exit survival mode and enter creative mode, use this command.


Use this command to enter survival mode.


Use this command to enter spectator mode.

/warp spacearena

When you are in creative mode, you can use this command to teleport to the spacearena where you and your friends can test fight each others starships.


Sometimes on the creative server, Raimus or someone else will have something really cool to show you and will send you a tprequest. To accept the tprequest and instantly teleport to them, use the above command.




use these commands in this order to mirror a build in creative