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General Information

World Type: Overworld

World Theme: Greek Islands

Atmosphere Condition: Habitable

Generic Preferable Planet Usage: Colonization


  • Iron (Lots)
  • Redstone (Some)
  • Emerald (Not Much)
  • Prismerine Crystals (Some)
  • Aluminum (Some)
  • Most of this could change at a moment's notice, but generally will be correct.

Population: Medium-Low

Population Concentration: Medium

Capitals: ClewBay (Anarchists) & ColonyOne (StarFleet)

Threats: Anarchists

Trade Cities: Aecost (NPC)

Territorial or Controlling Nations: Anarchists

Quick Notes

This cluster of islands is based on the Greek country. High mountains and lots of islands. The dominating force is the Anarchists with many claims of land and warships. The planet contains a vast ocean and worst of all, skeletons.

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