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Quod Canis

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General Information

World Type: Overworld

World Theme: Grassy Mountain Range

Atmosphere Condition: Habitable

Generic Preferable Planet Usage: Mining


  • Coal (Some)
  • Iron (Not Much)
  • Gold (Some)
  • Quartz (Lots)
  • Chetherite (Lots)
  • Most of this could change at a moment's notice, but generally will be correct.

Population: High

Population Concentration: High

Capitals: Capitalia (Exerticus)

Threats: Inconsistent

Trade Cities: Atlantis (Ekatera), Virtuis (Orovika), & Quodcanost (NPC)

Territorial or Controlling Nations: None

Quick Notes

This is the home of a large population of the server. It is the only planet with chetherite, thus it is very valuable. So many people live here, it is fully claimed. With its three trade cities and tons of players, it is the most active planet. Some notable things are the giant water wall surrounding the Exertician capital and Atlantis, a well known city loved for it's leader and buildings.

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