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General Information

World Type: Overworld

World Theme: Japanese Paradise

Atmosphere Condition: Habitable

Generic Preferable Planet Usage: Colonization


  • Coal (Some)
  • Redstone (Some)
  • Gold (Some)
  • Most of this could change at a moment's notice, but generally will be correct.

Population: Low-Medium

Population Concentration: Low

Capitals: Aviarus (AltBandits), PotatoUnion (Ensis), & Heikara (Orovika)

Threats: AltBandits

Trade Cities: Sakost

Territorial or Controlling Nations: AltBandits & Ensis (Occasionally)

Quick Notes

This japanese planet which looks like it fell out of a romance novel is notorious for having one of the highest pirate settlement rates in all of recent history. As of the writing of this wiki page, most of the pirates there are semi-active, however they are still dangerous. You don't need any gear to survive here as the terrain has hills with slow-rising sides and hardly any mobs. Even though the threat of pirates still lingers, of the planets in 7b, it is easily the prettiest.

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