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General Information

World Type: Overworld

World Theme: Frozen Wasteland

Atmosphere Condition: Freezing

Generic Preferable Planet Usage: Mining


  • Iron (Lots)
  • Lapis (Lots)
  • Redstone (Some)
  • Diamond (Some)
  • Prismarine Crystals (Lots)
  • Copper (Lots)
  • Aluminum (Lots)
  • Most of this could change at a moment's notice, but generally will be correct.

Population: Low

Population Concentration: Medium

Capitals: Overkill (Overkill) & CTMC (CrociatoCo)

Threats: CrociatoCo

Trade Cities: Syrost (NPC)

Territorial or Controlling Nations: None

Quick Notes

Syre became fully claimed because of it's great variety of materials for mining. It has diamonds, aluminum, copper, and some other ores. You need a space suit or an environmental helmet to survive outside.

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