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General Information

World Type: Overworld

World Theme: Jungle

Atmosphere Condition: Habitable

Generic Preferable Planet Usage: Colonization


  • Coal (Lots)
  • Redstone (Not Much)
  • Gold (Not Much)
  • Diamond (Not Much)
  • Most of this could change at a moment's notice, but generally will be correct.

Population: Medium-Low

Population Concentration: Low

Capitals: Creta (Arimfea) & BlockEvraHorizon (Pieratz)

Threats: Arimfea & Pieratz

Trade Cities: Creta (Arimfea) & Trunkost (NPC)

Territorial or Controlling Nations: Arimfea

Quick Notes

Big hills, huge trees. Spiders and creepers. This is the planet of Arimfea, the owner's nation. They make it clear they dislike colonizers who aren't in the nation and will kill anyone- yes anyone, even low levels and allies -who colonize without permission. The best way to survive here is to either join Arimfea or some other strong nation that is willing to stand up against Arimfea. Though in all honesty, you're better off choosing another planet to start a base.

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