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Andromeda Sector 7b

Sector Size: 100000 x 100000 blocks

Planet Count: 15

System Count: 4

Sector Usage: All-purpose


Sector 7b is the largest and oldest sector on the server. Most players trade, fight, and mine exclusively in this sector. To access 7b from 15i, you must jump through hyperspace beacons positioned in 15i and 10d. 7b also hosts siege stations, allowing nations to fight for control and gain credits from captured stations.



Sobrii is home to a large majority of the server population. Due to its proximity to the old spawn point, it was a seedbed for massive colonization efforts. Sobrii star's comfortable temperature allows all of its planets to be habitable.


  • Aecor - An ocean world filled with several islands
  • Trunkadis - A jungle world with vast oceans
  • Collis - A dry world with rolling savannahs
  • Quod Canis - A temperate world with many mountains and valuable chetherite


Frigus has bountiful resources stored within its planets and asteroids. Due to Frigus star's low temperature, many of the planets are cold and require a space suit or an environmental module on a power helmet to survive.


  • Koryza - A cold, habitable world with frozen oceans
  • Cerus Beta - A wasteland with no atmosphere
  • Orcus - A snowy planet with deep lava chasms
  • Syre - A frozen planet with bountiful mining resources


Ignum's high temperatures and hostile environment make it difficult for players to settle down. Those that do may gain access to resources not found anywhere else on the server. Ignum star is white hot and renders most of its planets uninhabitable without protective equipment.


  • Cerus Alpha - A lava world based on the Nether
  • Harenum - A desert world with many minerals
  • Terram - A habitable desert world with unique mountains and lakes
  • Porrus - A poisonous planet with swamps and massive mushrooms


A younger star system, Centrum is home to strange planets. Its lack of unique resources makes Centrum sparsely populated. Centrum star's temperature is just right to have most of its planets habitable.


  • Titus - A radioactive wasteland filled with uranium and twisted trees
  • Arbusto - A lush forest world with arable land
  • Sakaro - A swamp planet filled with cherry blossom trees

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