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Blueprints are files that store the data of ships, reproduced using ship factories.

Creating a blueprint

Saving blueprints of ships you didn't design (without permission) is illegal!!

You can make a blueprint from a ship by piloting it and using the command.

  1. Pilot the ship
  2. Run the command: /blueprint save <name> (replace <name> with the name of the blueprint)

Ship Factory

A ship factory is a machine that automatically builds a ship in front of you.


Materials: 2 Iron Blocks, 1 Furnace, 1 Sign, 1 Chest


Line 1: [shipfactory]

Line 2: blueprint name

Material Types

There are two types of ship factories - Credit Factory, and Material Factory.

Both types of factories have the same multi-block and mechanics.

Credit Factories

A Credit Factory takes credits out of the user's money and uses it to make materials. The cost is based on the cost of the material.

To make a Credit Factory, place a golden ingot/block/nugget in the furnace bottom slot and a focusing lens in its top slot.

Material Factories

A Material Factory, takes materials from the multiblock's chest and prints the ship, taking blocks from the chest and placing them down.

To make a Material Factory, place a focusing lens in the bottom AND top slot of the furnace.

Adding a blueprint to a ship factory

First, make sure you have the name of the blueprint. If you forgot it, check /blueprint list.

For the ship factory sign, put [shipfactory] on line 1 and <name> on line 2. (replace <name> with the name of your blueprint)

You'll need enough free space to print. Factories print above, to the right, and in front of the furnace.


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