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Starship Drills

Starship drills are drills mounted on starships and used to mine large areas efficiently. They require a constant stream of power to work.

Right clicking the sign enables the drill. Then, after redetecting, pilot your ship, fly forward, and it will begin to break blocks in the way.

Drill Sizes:

Tier 1: 5x5 hole

Tier 2: 7x7 hole

Tier 3: 9x9 hole

The drill doesn't move by itself - you need to mount it on a starship and move the it.


Materials required: 1x furnace, 1x dropper, 1x noteblock, 1x redstone block, 1x redstone lamp, 2x tier block, 4x glass pane, 1x glass, 1x sign

Tier Blocks:

Tier 1: Iron Block

Tier 2: Diamond Block

Tier 3: Emerald Block

It is important to note that, unlike power with machines, tier 2 is diamond and tier 3 is emerald. Don't mix it up!


Tier 1 Drill:


Tier 2 Drill:


Tier 3 Drill:



The sign must read [drill], and when clicked will automatically assign the correct tier.

Furthermore, you must place 2 focus lens into the drills furnace. Place 1 in the top and the other in the bottom. WIthout it, it will not work!


Video Tutorial

If you're a visual learner, see this detailed video tutorial!