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Starship Entrances

Boarding Ramps

Boarding ramps are very small multiblocks put at the bottom of ships to easily get in and out of the ship while it is landed on a flat surface.

Building a boarding ramp

  1. Place a sign with [boardingramp] on line 1
  2. Right click the sign to detect it
  3. Across from the sign, 1 block past the block directly under it put stairs or a slab
  4. Click the sign to toggle it

Make sure there's free space under the ramp


Docking Tubes

Docking tubes are larger multiblocks that go on the sides of ships. They connect to other docking tubes. They are also used as doors.

Building a docking tube


  • 6x solid block (cobblestone, concrete, wool, etc.)
  • 1x door
  • 6x button
  • 1x sign
  1. Place a solid block
  2. Put the door on top of it
  3. Place solid blocks to the sides of the door
  4. Place the last solid block on top of the door
  5. Put a button on each solid block on the outward facing side of the tube
  6. Put a sign on the door on the inward facing side of the tube, with [dockingtube] on the first line (shift + right click to place without opening the door)
  7. Right click the sign

Image Image

Tractor Beam

Tractor beams are small multiblocks inside of ships. They are used for ships too large to land. They need empty space below them to function.

Building a tractor beam


  • 4x slab
  • 1x glass
  • 1x sign
  1. Place the glass in your ship
  2. Make a hole going straight down from it to the bottom of the ship
  3. To the sides of the glass, place the slabs
  4. Place the sign on one of the slabs, with [tractorbeam] on line 1
  5. Right click the sign

Make sure the slab the sign is on is bottom half, not top half. If you make it top half you will not be able to click it.

Using a tractor beam


Stand directly below the tractor beam glass block and right click the sign with a controller


Stand on the glass block, right click the sign with a controller



Airlocks are multiblocks made of iron blocks, similar to docking tubes, with a toggleable door in the center. They are more expensive than other entrances.

They are mostly used for decoration, as regular doors serve the same purpose.

Building an airlock


  • 6x iron block
  • 2x iron bars
  • 1x sign
  1. Place an iron block
  2. Put the iron bars on top of it vertically
  3. Put iron blocks to the sides of the iron bars
  4. Put the last iron block on top of the top iron bar
  5. Put a sign on the left inner iron block with [tractorbeam] on line 1
  6. Right click the sign

Using an airlock

Right click the sign to toggle it on/off.