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Gravity Well Projectors


Gravity wells are a small area that has a massive gravitational force, the kind that would make Sir Isaac Newton develop Brain damage from that apple.

Gravity wells cast mass shadows, which inhibit hyperspace travel in their proximity. They are cast by large celestial bodies in nature, such as planets and stars.

Using the power of artificial gravity and hyperphysics, gravity well projectors can be placed on starships to cast enormous mass shadows into hyperspace. This is useful for many things, including:

  • Pirates preventing trade ships from escaping, so they can catch them
  • Chased people preventing their attackers from jumping right on top of them
  • Preventing enemies from bringing reinforcements by trapping them with wells


Required materials:

  • 1x Sponge
  • 1x Diamond Block
  • 1x Glass (Stained glass works as well)
  • 1x Container (Dropper, Dispenser, Chest)
  • 2x Stone Slab
  • 4x Iron Block
  • 9x Stairs
  • 1x Sign



1st Layer:


2nd Layer:


3rd Layer:


Note : This is a top view.


  1. Build a gravity well on your ship
  2. Right click the sign to turn it on

This will cast a mass shadow of 3,000 blocks radius while on. It prevents people from jumping within that range of your ship and pulls ships passing through hyperspace within that range of your ship out of hyperspace.