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Hyperdrives allow faster-than-lightspeed travel, drastically cutting travel time.


  • First, build a hyperdrive in your starship.
  • Then, fill the hoppers with Chetherite (minimum 1 per hopper).

Navigating a jump can be done one of two ways:

  • Use one of the hyperspace beacons found in every system.

  • To do this, simply fly up to one and click on the button in the chat message it sends you.

  • You can also build and use a navigation computer (Info here).


  • There are 4 classes of hyperdrives.
  • The higher the class, the more hypermatter is required to use them (more hoppers).
  • Higher classes can make you go faster, although the effect is greater for larger ships.


The sign for the multiblock is [hyperdrive].

Class 1

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 2x hopper
  • 2x glass
  • 1x sponge


Class 2

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 2x hopper
  • 1x glass
  • 1x sponge
  • 1x diamond block
  • 2x iron block

Tier2Front Tier2Rear

Class 3

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 3x hopper
  • 4x glass
  • 4x glass pane
  • 2x sponge
  • 1x emerald block
  • 4x iron block

Tier3Front Tier3Rear

Class 4

Materials required:

  • 1x note block
  • 6x hopper
  • 10x glass
  • 8x glass pane
  • 4x sponge
  • 3x emerald block
  • 9x iron block

Tier4Front Tier4Rear