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Navigation Computers

Navigation computers are subsystems for starships used to plot hyperspace jumps without a hyperspace beacon. Their main disadvantage is that their range is limited: they can only go a dozen or two thousand blocks. This limits their usage primarily to in-system usage, particularly for the basic one.

Building a nav computer

The sign text for nav computers is [navcomputer]

There are two types of navigation computers: basic, and advanced.

Basic navigation computers can only jump 10,000 blocks at a time, meaning it would take 4-8 jumps to get to another system, depending on the distance.

Advanced navigation can jump 25,000 blocks at a time, meaning it would take a few jumps to get to another system.



  • 2x Diamond Block
  • 2x (Any) Stairs
  • 1x Sponge
  • 2x Iron Block
  • 4x Glass Pane
  • 1x Glass




  • 1x Diamond Block
  • 8x (Any) Stairs
  • 3x Glass Pane
  • 10x Iron Block
  • 8x Sponge

advancednav1 advancednav2