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There are 3 kinds of thrusters - glowstone, plasma, and ion.

Thruster Types


  • Built literally with just a glowstone block.
  • Worst thruster ovrerall, but use less power and space.
  • Best for super small/cheap ships.
  • Acceleration 0.2, power 1.75



  • Built with a redstone block and a redstone lamp behind it.
  • The lamp should face away from your ship.
  • Best for most ships.
  • Very fast acceleration and almost as fast speed.
  • Acceleration 0.75, power 2.0



  • Built with a sponge block and a sea lantern behind it.
  • The lantern should face away from your ship.
  • Best for largest ships
  • High power demand, very low acceleration.
  • Acceleration 0.05, power 2.75



  • You cannot have any blocks behind thrusters or they don't work.
  • Having walls of thrusters uses too much of your ship's power.

Under the hood

The actual equation for thruster acceleration is: log(2 + totalAcceleration) / (log(mass) / log(thrusterAmount + 2))

Speed Calculation

Base Speed

speed = "base speed"

x = total thruster combined power

m = mass

F = 200

speed = x^0.4 / m^0.3 * F

Max Speed

max = "max speed"

p = starship power output

x = total thruster combined power

max = p / x

Actual BPS is whichever is lower, speed or max, times a final multiplier, currently 80%