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Starship Weapons

Starships can (and should!) have weapons to defend themselves. There is a variety of types of starship weapons. This page walks you through them.

Firing Weapons

Weapons can be either light or heavy weapons. Light weapons are fired by left clicking with a starship controller. Heavy weapons are fired by right clicking with a starship controller.

Weapon Types

Laser Cannons

The simplest starship weapon is the laser cannon. Laser cannons fire towards the targetted block, with a firing cone of 15 degrees, a single explosion on impact, and linear power usage. They fire yellow projectiles.

Laser Cannon Multiblock


  • 1x Sponge
  • 1x Piston

lasercannontop lasercannonside

Laser Cannon Details

Power Usage 500 power per cannon per shot

Range 190 blocks

Type Light Weapon

Impact 1x energy explosion, power 2.0

Pulse Cannons

The most aimable light weapon is the pulse cannon. Pulse cannons fire at the targetted block with no angle limit. Their color is based on the color of their multiblock's stained glass.

Pulse Cannon Multiblock


  • 1x Sponge
  • 1x Stained Glass

pulsecannontop pulsecannonside

Pulse Cannon Details

Power Usage 400 per cannon for ships at least 5000 blocks, > 400 more for every 1000 blocks smaller

Range 165

Type Light Weapon

Impact 1x energy explosion, power 1.75

Plasma Cannons


Materials Required: 1x sponge, 1x iron block, 1x furnace

Plasma cannons are like laser cannons but much more powerful. You can only have a few of them on ships. They use 1000 power per shot and you can only fire 4 at a time. They have an explosion power of 4.0, equivalent to TNT. Plasma Cannons count as light weapons.

Proton Torpedoes


Materials required: 2x sponge, 1x dispenser

Proton torpedoes are heavy weapons useful for smaller ships. You can only have a few on any ship, even ones with high power output. You fire them by holding or double clicking right click. They have an explosion power of 8.0 and a range of 300 blocks. They are most effective when spaced apart. Torpedoes count as heavy weapons.

Heavy Lasers


Materials required: 7x redstone block, 28x stained glass (any color), 1x furnace

Heavy lasers are powerful weapons useful for larger ships. They create ten 3.0 power explosions on impact, with approximately 150 milliseconds in between. They use 5000 power per shot, though they use less on bigger ships, and have a maximum range of 500 blocks. They are primarily useful on larger ships when fighting against other large ships. Heavy Lasers count as heavy weapons.

NOTE: Furnace is the FRONT of the weapon

Auto Turrets


Materials required: 1x dispenser, 1x iron block, 1x redstone lamp.

Auto turrets can target players and shoot at them automatically. They are very effective on a cruiser firing against starfighters and corvettes. They have a range of 200 blocks, explosion power of 2.0, and power usage of 100. They are also primarily defensive weapons - if you move around or fire other weapons, they can't fire as much, and they have difficulty hitting moving targets.

The redstone lamp is where the auto turret fires from. To set up auto turrets you need [node] signs. Place a sign on the dispenser that says, for example:

Line 1: [node]

Line 2: defense

Then, you can do /settarget defense <player>

Alternatively, you can use /st instead of /settarget

You can also turn heavy turrets into auto turrets. To do that, place a node sign on the turret sign, like this: